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Stacey is passionate about helping clients open to their erotic awareness, tap into their deepest desires, and build their capacity for intimacy, connection, and pleasure. The work is tailored to each client, including realizing desires, losing shame, and refining skills in erotic touch and seduction.

She is happily married with a family, but had a sexual awakening that led her to explore and experience her own fantasies and erotic desires. A deep transformation took place when she began working in the adult film industry, which allowed her to know first-hand the impact of erotic empowerment.


This led her to further her intimacy work, including her sensitive approach, resourcefulness, and her belief that there is always a way forward to a more vibrant and fulfilled sex life.

Stacey’s work expands on her ongoing explorations in sexual intimacy, tantra, ecstatic, somatic healing, erotic touch and conscious kink. Open to working with individuals and couples, Stacey has a refined skill for supporting men, wanting to build skills and explore desire with a feminine partner. She is particularly adept at in-person work.

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Stacey and her team work with each client individually to ensure your goals of intimacy are realized. Due to overwhelming response and limited availability, an initial 15 minute consultation will be required prior to becoming a client. Stacey will attend all consultations and live sessions, however you may be assigned another coach to work with you directly. Full details will be provided during the consultation. Submit the info below to shedule your consultation today!*

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Thanks for submitting!

* All applicants must provide proof they are at least 21 years of age. Limited availability and areas serviced, details will be provided upon submission of your information. 

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